Fiske IX


Did you know that we in Denmark traditionally eat Cod for New Years Eve. Cooked and served with potatoes, beetroots, hard boiled eggs and a spicy mustard sauce.

Besides Almindelig torsk (Gadus Callarias) this print features Kortsnudet Torsk (Gadus luscus), Glyse (Gadus minutus), Kuller (Gadus Aeglefinus), Hvidling (Gadus Merlangus), Sortmundet Torsk (Gadus poutassou), Lubbe (Gadus Pollachius), Sei (Gadus virens), Kulmule (Merlucius smiridus), Skjælbrosme (Phycis blennioides).

Printed with archival-quality ink on high-grade paper.

Design no. 7802.

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