Almost a decade ago we started out on a voyage into the visual aspects of rare books uncovered at auctions, archives, libraries and museums. We wish to explore every subjects ever drawn, engraved and printed. Our dream is to one day create our very own Encyclopaediae Dybdahlum.

Recently we've purchased an old supermarked property which has been converted into a botanical and creative studio. We have everything here: Our antique book library, office, graphic lab, print workshop and warehouse.

Our founder, Henrik Dybdahl, studied at the Royal School of Library and Information Science in Copenhagen. Simultaneously he and a friend ran a small art gallery exhibiting illustrative street artists. Aside from running the gallery, Henrik Dybdahl also did a number of large public space art projects. 

With the desire to interact with more people and bringing attention to visual gold from the past, Henrik decided to mix his findings with the wish to refresh and remix. Acting as heritage curator and print maker, he set up a new business with a new goal: The Dybdahl Co.

Today after years of research, remixing and poster printing, The Dybdahl Co. can be found all over the world. The journey has just started and many more topics and fields of knowledge are yet to be explored and included in the Encyclopaediae Dybdahlum.